How to wear a 5 Panel Cap

How to Wear a 5 panel Cap in Modern Western Way ?

From the Crew
November 25, 2023

The 5 panel cap has a longer history than most people really know. Since debuting as traditional baseball caps on the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860, this timeless sportswear piece has evolved and earned praise for its practicality and style. With its adaptable design, it seamlessly conforms to a range of head shapes for a perfect fit. Traditionally, this type of baseball inspired cap has been a sporty, casual accessory, limiting its use in menswear to T-shirts and trainers. Now, as designers reinterpret this sportswear essential using premium materials and minimal detailing, it has transformed into headwear that complements nearly every aspect of your wardrobe.

What is a 5 Panel Cap?

Drover Club Rodeo Champion 5 Panel Cap

“ The 5 panel cap is constructed from five segments of material, with each segment designed to cover a specific area of the head. There are a few types of 5 panel hats such as 5 panel trucker caps, 5 panel snapbacks, 5 panel flat bill caps, and 5 panel foam trucker caps ”

How to Style a 5 Panel Cap?

There are many possible ways to dress 5 Panel caps in the modern western way and we are going to be exploring 3 ways of exploring how we would like to dress them up.

  1. The Elegant Way
  2. The Classic Way
  3. The Streetwear Staple Way

The Elegant Way to dress a 5 Panel Cap

The Elegant Way to dress a 5 Panel Cap by Jonsjaws
Credits to Mr Jon Alan @jonsjawns

Wearing a 5 panel cap as part of a Smart Casual outfit was once considered unusual and unthinkable. However, there have been undeniable proofs from many of them style conscious that they can be done by choosing the right style and materials thoughtfully. Here is how we would like to wear a 5 panel cap in our Elegant way


First off, we will start with unconstructed Blazers in cotton, wool and tweed even depending on weather, go double-breasted if you are feeling extra special with a touch of pocket square or bandana. Follow up is Western shirts, to maintain the aesthetics of western culture, denim western shirts would be a perfect layer under. Moreover, a pair of high waisted trousers with side adjusters would be a perfect combo to complete the look. To further complement the outfit, we would pair with contrast loafers rather than traditional shoes, brands like Duke + Dexter or GH Bass will do great, or even Gucci or Celine Loafers are the best options if y5ou like to treat yourself. More importantly, try choosing your 5 panel cap’s color to be bold, which allows a strong contrast to reinforce with the rest of your outfit, which will surely stand out from the crowd.

Achieving Classic Western Style with a 5 Panel Cap

Classic Western Style with a 5 Panel Cap by Drover Club Crew
Credit to Drover Club Crew @droverclub

We strongly hold the view that western style is all about effortless styling where it is possible to wear everywhere. Once you find your rhythm and establish your outfit choices, you'll come to appreciate Western wear and the cool vibe it can bring to your look. While 5 panel caps are traditionally associated with a sporty aesthetic, it has been evolved into a versatile piece of headwear that will complement nearly every aspect of your western inspired wardrobe.


While the suede or leather jacket introduces just the right amount of texture, blending traditional western wear with modern streetwear, the denim jacket offers a subtle Western vibe without overwhelming patterns or colors. We adore the timeless Wrangler cowboy fit jeans, although  for a contemporary western style, jeans aren't the only option; classic tailored straight leg trousers can offer an equally effortless look. Western wear is synonymous with boots, especially the cowboy boot that has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. However, it's advisable to consider alternatives like zipped or Chelsea boots with slightly higher heels. Underlayering can be from urban western inspired graphic tees to workwear shirts to complement your 5 panel cap. We are still in love with traditional workwear brands like Carhartt or Dickies for a go to work shirt choice. When it comes to accessorize other than your 5 panel cap, invest on a classic western inspired leather belt. A further touch of adding a bandana or wearing leather key clips will not disappoint you from complementing your classic western style outfit.

The Streetwear Staple: How to Perfect Your Look with a 5 Panel Cap?

5 Panel Cap to perfect you streetwear look by Drover Club Crew
Credit to Drover Club Crew @droverclub 

Streetwear is such an ambiguous term these days but whether we look at it in its purest sense, or as the high-fashion mashup it has become and caps are one of its cornerstone accessories. In recent years, street style has demonstrated that Western fashion can seamlessly transition to city vibes, showcasing its surprising versatility. By combining a 5 panel cap with streetwear staples like workwear pants, hoodies, sneakers with Western elements such as denim jackets and bandanas, you are effortlessly fusing the rugged charm of the West with the contemporary vibe of city life.


Denim and leather are essential components for achieving Western style, even when aiming to pair your 5 panel cap to a streetwear vibe. Furthermore, incorporating Western-inspired varsity or workwear  jackets can effectively enhance by infusing a street style with a touch of Western influence. For the pants, opting for a pair of classic jeans as Wrangler Cowboy Fit, remains an excellent choice. As an alternative, double knee or regular work pants from brands like Carhartt and Dickies will serve as an ideal choice to enhance the Western-inspired street style aesthetic. While boots are undeniably a Western wear staple, there's no restriction on incorporating your favorite sneakers to pair your 5 panel cap for your Western-style ensemble. Enhance the look with classic sneakers like Converse Chuck 70 or Vans Slip-On, furthermore explore offerings from current staples like Nike Dunk or Adidas Samba. For layering, pair with street staples items like oversized hoodies or mohair cardigan with western inspired graphic tees where you can wear as it owns or layered to complement your 5 panel cap. Despite being a 5 panel cap as a main accessory, continue to invest in essential items such as classic leather belts with a Western touch, cotton bandanas, and leather key clips. Certainly, combining these accessories will undoubtedly help you compliment your outfit.

5 Panel Cap - Perfect for Classic, Elegant, and Streetwear Styles

Considering the vast majority of caps are akin to sportswear like sweatpants and they generally reside at the casual end of the style spectrum, there is no doubt that a 5 panel cap can be styled with several outfit ways to achieve the modern western look whilst seamlessly combining style and comfort, crafted to keep your look cooler. So, we truly believe that when a 5 panel cap is paired with the right ensemble, it serves as a simple yet effective way to elevate your accessory game.

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1) How to style a 5 panel cap ?
A 5-panel cap is versatile and can be styled in three ways: elegantly with unconstructed blazers, classically with suede or leather jackets and as a streetwear staple with workwear trousers, hoodies and trainers.

2) Is a 5 panel cap suitable for all seasons?
Yes, a 5 panel cap is suitable for all seasons. Its adaptable design and different materials make it a comfortable accessory all year round.

3) Differences between a 5 panel cap and a snapback cap?
While both are popular caps, the main difference is in the construction. A 5-panel cap is made up of five segments of fabric for a seamless look, while a snapback has a structured crown with a snap fastener at the back.

4) How to care for and clean a 5 panel cap?
Spot clean your 5-panel cap with a damp cloth for daily maintenance. For deeper cleaning, hand wash with mild soap and avoid soaking the entire cap. Air dry to maintain shape and colour.

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