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 Drover Club Team

"Bringing Western Americana to the City Through a Modern Lens" Modern Western


Before it has all started, Wai and Aurelien met whilst working together for one of the well known British Designer Brand at heart of London, over the time our friendship has gotten stronger especially in our mutual passion and love for ever exciting fashion and clothing industry. Throughout our friendship, we have shared numerous thoughts and conversations on how the fashion industry has been contributing in shaping our daily life and society and how we would like to get deeply involved by having our own clothing label.


When Pandemic has hit and left many of us with uncertainty and mainly some free time, we have decided to give a step up to our idea and to combine our passion together by working on a clothing label. Even though we both do not possess a strong background in fashion, our dedication and passion has allowed us to be creative enough to build a London based western inspired streetwear clothing brand, proud to be fulfilling the modernized western clothing for the European fashion market.


“Our concept is to introduce quality and timeless pieces reflecting western americana aesthetic, whilst blending with street style attitude for the modern day”. We draw our inspirations from the true aesthetic of cowboy, rodeo, western culture & movie scenes with a touch of streetwear practice. Our current collection includes a curated selection of graphic tees, heavyweight hoodies and crewnecks as well as accessories leather key clips; both will lend your wardrobe a splash of frontier vibes in the modern way.


We pride ourselves in our dedication to product quality, materials and environment. All of our products are carefully designed and printed in the UK by only using ethically sourced organic cotton, recycled polyester and quality raw materials. Our products are carefully shipped in the necessary packaging with the required size. We do not use any additional packaging to help maintain the health of our environment too. We are committed to reviewing and improving our production process every product drop to ensure environmentally and socially responsible.

“Our promise to you is that we will continue to present an effortlessly cool range of products with our forward-thinking approach to the modern world whilst capturing the true spirit and heritage of Western Americana Culture”
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