How To Master Modern Western Wear In the City

How To Master Modern Western Wear In the City ?

From the Crew
October 9, 2022

“ Yes, it is possible to wear western style when you live in the city. Western wear can definitely be worn in the city - you just have to know how to do it. Let us show you and give you some suggestions on how to dress up western clothes into your daily urban life.” 

We believe that western style is all about effortless styling where it is possible to wear everywhere. Once you've gotten in the groove and have your outfits figured out, you will start appreciating western wear and believe in what they could make you cool. It may be as simple as wearing cowboy boots instead of traditional chelsea boots or having a nice belt that doesn't need replacing. This is why living in the city often makes it easier to put on the western wear than when you live far away from a frontier with wide open plains to look over. Western wear is a style that has been around for years and is still going strong.


We can say that true western style is all about wearing boots, layering denim or leather onto your shirts or graphic tees. The most statement way of bringing the western trend into your wardrobe is through the jacket. Whether it's a denim jacket or leather or wool western blouson, these can make you look like a true cowboy. They are the perfect layers for fall and winter, and look great with everything from jeans to trousers.

Next stop is to find a perfect pair to complement the jacket. We are true fans of the Wrangler cowboy fit jeans, which have been a tried-and-true wardrobe staple for all cowboys across the country. We think they are the coolest denim jeans of the century, remarkably providing a timeless look that will never go out of style or date itself. So, why not make it the staple piece for the city too. 

A modern nod to western wear can also come through the form of western inspired graphic print tee. The graphic tee features a western theme on top of a solid color base like black or brown, which helps ground the outfit in its own look while still letting it fit right in with the rest of your look. At the same time, there is no wrong against going with classic western shirts to further complement your modern day western wear.

Modern Western Wear by Luca Sabbat
Credits to Mr Luka Sabbat @lukasabbat

The cowboy boot is one of the most iconic pieces of Western Americana, and recently, it's seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few years and all of us are rocking them over with our desired pieces. In this modern world, we would recommend not only cowboy boots, also Zipped up or Chelsea Boots with slightly higher heels play an essential role to complete your modern western wear aesthetic. 

By Accessories, we do not mean it like you would have to put on cowboy hats every time you go out, although we would strongly recommend investing in a classic leather belt with a fairly basic belt buckle featuring western inspired detailing. Further complement your modern western wear outfit, pair them with cotton bandanas, classic trucker or 5 panels caps.


As discussed above, the most statement way to bring modern western wear style is through the jacket. First off, the denim jacket is an easy way to get the western vibe without going overboard on pattern or color, while the suede or leather jacket adds just enough texture to make this outfit stand out, and western inspired wool blousons would give you extra warth for colder days. And in this outfit style, we would keep it classic as usual but we could layer them up into each other like layering denim jackets into leather jackets or even casual blazers. 

Wearing denim such as Wrangler cowboy fit or Levis original 501 would be a vital part of  assembling modern western wear outfits. When it all comes down deeper to the styling, you do not necessarily need to wear only jeans, instead a pair of tailored trousers will allow you to achieve the effortless modern western look. We would recommend choosing a classic colorway of black, gray or chocolate brown to start, with a slightly higher waist with straight leg fitting to give you extra edges. 

Modern Western Wear by Luca Sabbat & Max Ragan
Credits to Mr Luka Sabbat @lukasabbat and Mr Max Ragan @vjintagemales

Modern western wear doesn’t have to be all about boots, denim and hats. A plain or western inspired graphic tee would be a good addition to pair as well as western shirts or denim work shirt to keep it under your jacket. Further expressing this classic with a twist style, why not choose to layer with mohair or brushed wool cardigans on top of tees for a relaxed day out.

Not just Cowboy boots also Zipped up or Chelsea boots can easily be worn to achieve your modern western wear style nowadays. Paring these with denim and suede is a great way to add more casual flair to your look for the city. Although boots are the staple of western wear which could never be denied, we want you to go an extra mile to try pairing with the smart casual footwear like the leather penny loafers. They will give off an air of luxury and sophistication that makes your modern western wear feel extra-special. 

Keep investing on staples items, such a western inspired classic leather belts, which can be used in any type of occasion. Moreover, try adding some other accessories like cotton bandana, trucker or 5 panels, even leather key clips whilst playing on the color combo by contrasting with bright colors accessories to stand out well from your modern western wear outfit.

Modern Western Wear by Lucas Money
Credits to Mr Lucas Cash @lucasmoney


1) Is it suitable to wear western-style clothing in the city?

Yes, it is absolutely suitable to wear western-style clothing in the city.  Modern western wear is versatile and can be effortlessly integrated into urban settings. From cowboy boots to denim jackets, these pieces can elevate your style in the city.

2) What are the key elements of modern western wear and how can I incorporate them into my wardrobe?

The key elements include denim jackets, cowboy boots, tailored trousers, and western-inspired graphic tees. To incorporate them, layer denim or leather jackets, wear tailored trousers in classic colors, and introduce graphic tees for a modern twist on the western look.

3) Can modern western wear be adapted for different seasons and occasions?

Absolutely. The article suggests layering with denim or leather jackets for fall and winter, while tailored trousers and graphic tees offer versatility for different occasions. The use of accessories like bandanas, belts, and caps complements the style year-round.

4) How do I style accessories like cowboy boots, leather belts, and hats in a modern, urban setting?

For a modern, urban setting, pair cowboy boots with denim or suede, opt for smart casual footwear like leather loafers, and invest in classic leather belts with western-inspired detailing. Accessorize with cotton bandanas, trucker caps, and leather key clips for a balanced look.

5) Where can I find modern western wear pieces and accessories for purchase?

Drover Club is the place if you're looking for for modern western wear tailored to the city. In addition, we suggest exploring different brands for specific items such as Wrangler cowboy fit jeans, highlighting the availability of these pieces in the market.

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