How to Dress in Contemporary Western Tailoring Style For The City

How to Dress in Contemporary Western Tailoring Style For The City?

From the Crew
October 31, 2022

It has been no secret that western style has been on the rise in recent years especially in this modern city lifestyle. We believe one of the great things about western style clothing is that they are very versatile and original. And you can dress it up or dress it down, depending on the occasion. The main key is to find the right balance between them. 

If you want to add a touch of western style to your outfit for smarter and sophisticated style without going overboard, then consider adding some tailored garments to your wardrobe collection.Tailored clothes are a great addition to complete your western tailoring outfit whether for an elegant night out or feeling dressed up for a day out.

“Our only advice is to choose and start with the right piece whilst showing off your true love to western style in the smart elegant way”


Western Tailoring by Jons Jawns
Credits to Mr Jon Alan @jonsjawns 


Although western style can never be completed without denim or leather, in this case with a touch of tailored blazer will make a huge difference in complimenting your contemporary western tailoring outfit. A Perfect add on for your evening out around the city night life, and looks smart with everything from jeans to trousers whether you want to go full western look or modernized western style. There are many different styles of blazers to choose from smart to casual options. When choosing a blazer, it's important to keep in mind the overall look you're trying to achieve. We would recommend picking staple colors like in black, navy or brown to start with classic plain or pinstripe fabric options (wool or cotton)  with single or double breasted preferably double breasted blazer, which will go all the way to your western inspired tailoring outfits. 


A modern way of dressing western tailoring style is not all about wearing a smart shirt under your blazer, which we think can be a bit outdated unless you are going to certain types of events, but try comparing with casual shirts like denim western shirts or work shirts underneath. There are also other options in wearing graphic tee or comfort pieces like Hoodies, of course in western inspired graphics. The graphic tee featuring western inspired print with a solid colorway of black or white can be worn underneath of your blazer, which helps establish your western tailoring outfit in its casual yet elegant look overall to fit right in. Moreover, do not hesitate layering graphic hoodies underneath your blazers where necessary for colder days for extra comfort, functional yet stylish. 

Western Tailoring by Edgy Albert
Credits to Mr Albert Muzquiz @edgyalbert


To further complete the contemporary western tailoring look, the same rule applies while choosing the pants option as classic western styling. First choice can be a pair of cowboy fit jeans preferably from brands like Wrangler or Levis, true Americana denim pioneers, there is no doubt about pairing these denims with the rest of the tailored blazers will still provide you a classic yet modern western look. Next option is a pair of well made tailored trousers achieving your classy and effortless modern western tailoring look. We would always recommend to choose a classic color option of black, gray or chocolate brown for a start with either plain or pinstripe, with a higher waist and regular/straight leg fitting to give the unique vibe of styling in western.


As always, boots have been the favorite wardrobe essential for western wear which could not be denied even for styling in western tailoring. There are many different styles of boots, from cowboy boots to more modern, stylish options. When choosing a pair of boots, it is important to consider the cut of your jeans and the style of your blazer. So, we would recommend not just cowboy boots, also zipped up or chelsea boots with slightly higher heels play an essential role to complete your contemporary western tailoring wear aesthetic. Another great option for this outfit is a pair of loafers to keep it extra special for the evening, the best way to start with is a pair of leather or suede penny loafers and we usually favor a color contrasted option for a slightly modern yet smart casual look. 


The rule of pairing accessories remains unchanged like the rest of the western outfit inspirations. Always keep an eye out for the staple pieces like western inspired classic leather belts and buckles, pocket square or bandanas, 5 panel caps and leather key clips by playing the color contrasts like flashing red bandana by your pocket for a dark color outfit such as with black double breasted blazers and denim. As always, choosing the right accessories will allow you to achieve your desired western tailoring style looks in a contemporary way. 

Western Tailoring by Drover Club
Credit to Drover Club Crew @droverclub

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1) What is Western Tailoring?
Western tailoring generally refers to the style of tailoring associated with Western or European fashion traditions.

2) How does Western Tailoring differ from other tailoring traditions?
Western tailoring focuses on meticulously crafted, tailored silhouettes that showcase structured garments. Suits, blazers and dresses are characterised by well-defined lines and shapes, emphasising a preference for a polished and fitted appearance. Conversely, traditional tailoring in various other cultures takes a different approach. Here you may find a preference for looser or more fluid silhouettes. Garments are carefully designed to prioritise ease of movement and can be tailored to suit specific cultural preferences, resulting in a diverse range of styles that reflect the richness of each unique heritage.

3) How can I incorporate Western tailoring into my wardrobe?
To effortlessly incorporate Western tailoring into your wardrobe, focus on key staples that add a touch of sophistication to your style. Invest in well-fitted blazers or jackets, as these pieces instantly elevate both casual and formal outfits, adding a polished appeal to your look. Opt for classic trousers with a tailored fit, emphasising straight-leg or slim-cut trousers for a refined Western aesthetic that flatters your figure. Add quality, well-fitted denim to your collection - tailored jeans seamlessly blend Western style with everyday comfort, striking the perfect balance between classic elegance and casual versatility. These essential pieces will not only enhance your wardrobe, but also effortlessly integrate Western tailoring into your everyday fashion.

4) Can I enjoy Western tailoring if I live in the city ? 
Absolutely! You can absolutely enjoy Western tailoring whether you live in the city or anywhere else. Western tailoring transcends geographical boundaries and is versatile enough to complement an urban lifestyle. Incorporating tailored pieces such as blazers, trousers and well-fitted jeans into your wardrobe can add a touch of sophistication to your city-inspired style. These classic and polished garments are suitable for a variety of occasions, from professional to social, making Western tailoring a timeless and adaptable choice for city dwellers who appreciate sophisticated fashion.

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