How to bring Western Touch into Your Streetwear Style

How to bring Western Touch into Your Streetwear Style ?

From the Crew
October 16, 2022

When you're a streetwear lover and you also like to dress in western style, you might wonder how you can wear all these different styles together? How is it even possible? The answer is that it's actually easier than you think. Over the past years street style has proven that western style can be translated to the city and that it's definitely more versatile than we may think. 

Streetwear is all about the confidence and ease of any outfit. You can easily create a western inspired street style by mixing the basics of streetwear, like a workwear pants and your favorite sneakers with western inspired pieces like graphic hoodies or crew necks and accessories: bandanas, truck caps.

“A great outfit choice for you if you have a flare for fashion and a fondness of streetwear and western style”

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The Key Pieces for a Western Inspired Streetwear Outfit


Western style can never be completed without the involvement of denim and leather even if it is for a street style vibe. We stand by our statement as the most crucial way of barring western style into your wardrobe is through the jacket. Perfect for layering, and looks great with everything from jeans to trousers whether you want to go full look or street wear inspired western style. Moreover, western Inspired varsity or satin souvenir jackets can be a great addition to spice up your outfit to reflect western influence yet in street style. We strongly advise you to choose the right jacket to start whilst interpreting your love of western fashion into the street style in the city.


There actually are a couple of options to play around to get the perfect pair for the western street style look. First of all, a pair of regular cowboy fit jeans like Wrangler Cowboy Fit, believed to be a tried-and-true wardrobe staple for western style will still be the great choice to start. Paring these denims with the rest of the outfits will provide you a classic yet modern western look for the city. Next option for the pants, which will reflect your love of street style are  regular fit work pants like Dickies 874 or Ben Davies ‘Trim Fit, from undeniably true American Heritage Workwear Brands, recently being favored for the modern streetwear wardrobe will be a perfect choice to complement achieving the western inspired street style aesthetic. 


Even though boots can be the staple of western wear which could never be denied, there is no rule against wearing your favorite sneakers to complete your western style outfit, especially when you live in the city. Over the decades, sneakers have sealed their status as popular culture currency and been a huge player of the street style statement. Pairing your outfit with classic sneakers like Converse chuck 70 or Vans Slip on to achieve your everyday got to look or if you are feeling extra special, there are a great selection of kicks from Brands like Nike and Adidas and make sure to go to staple sneaker models such as Nike Dunk or Adidas Samba. 



A modern western nod to the streetwear style can come in the form of not only in graphic tees but also in streetwear essentials like Hoodies or Crewnecks, of course in western inspired graphics. They are truly streetwear wardrobe staples with lots of benefits for being comfortable, functional yet stylish. You could either wear it on its own or layering underneath your chosen jacket, work pants and classic sneakers for the undeniable western inspired streetwear style look.   


Accessories rules still apply the same as in modern western styling outfits. Keep investing for the staple pieces like western inspired classic leather belts, cotton bandanas, truck caps and leather key clips. There is no doubt that pairing these accessories will allow you to achieve your desired western style looks by letting  you style them in many ways in multiple outfits.  

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