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The Glamours of Cowboys in the Modern World

April 17, 2021

More often than not, when we think of cowboys, we think of them in the past tense. Historically speaking, cowboys came into existence long before the settling of the United States. In fact, cowboys’ roots are in Spain and Mexico. It was the colonisation of the Americas which brought cowboys to the West and are now commonly associated with the old days of the Wild West- which simply refers to the era between the initial settling of the US and the culmination of all 50 states being admitted.

The stereotypical cowboy wears a distinct hat, flannel button up, belt and belt buckle, denim jeans, and leather boots paired with spurs. We may not see this exact getup as often as it was seen centuries ago, but cowboy fashion still holds influence in how we dress. Denim jeans are a closet staple in this day and age, and most people own a flannel button up, too. We may style these pieces differently today than old cowboys did, but we have them to thank for popularising jeans and flannels. With that being said, we do happen to be seeing a comeback with the “urban cowboy” aesthetic. Cowboy hats, boots, and belt buckles are regaining traction. These accessories add that Americana edge to any look, and we’re definitely loving it. Don’t expect the modern adaptation of cowboy apparel to stop any time soon. Not only do cowboy inspired pieces provide a classic look, but they’re also downright American.

Adding urban cowboy pieces into your wardrobe quickly spices things up. Plus, you have the best of both worlds- you’re able to be on trend while rocking a classic look. It’s difficult to imagine what day to day apparel would be without the influence of cowboys, but thankfully we don’t have to.

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