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Cowbow on bull print

April 17, 2021

As we began to brainstorm where to start with our line, we continued to come back to an iconic scene of a cowboy riding a bull. This image evokes just the feeling we were looking for- the rugged lifestyle of Western Americana. This is an iconic image with a history of its own, but we’re confident it belongs in today’s world, too- which is why we have created our first Western-inspired line featuring the cowboy on bull print. You don’t have to do much digging in order to find similar depictions of cowboy’s bull riding in various arenas in the past. Afterall, this scene is rooted in an actual activity. You may see old photographs showing a real cowboy taking part in bull riding or discover a poster advertising for the local rodeo with a comparable vignette. Simply put, this print is a timeless classic.

When it comes to modern apparel, the classics never fail. This is why we’re so passionate about featuring the cowboy on bull print as our first Western-inspired collection. It’s a look that can be added to your day-to-day outfits- perfect with a pair of jeans or athletic shorts, so you can really dress it up or down. The cowboy on bull print collection includes a variety of hoodies, crewnecks, and tees, so no matter your preference there’s something for everyone.

Bringing Western-inspired apparel back into mainstream everyday wear is something we’re super passionate about, and we think the cowboy on bull print can do just that. This look may be the original Drover Club Western collection, but this is just the beginning.

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